Shot on Location
Winners of our annual photography contest

The White Plague
In 2007, when white-nose syndrome was discovered in a local mine, scientists were baffled.
Today, some bat species have all but disappeared in 22 states and five Canadian provinces.
In her latest book, The Sixth Extinction, best-selling writer Elizabeth Kolbert tracks the outbreak
in the Adirondacks and beyond
illustration by Brian G. Payne

Black Rooster Maple
A young family pursues the sweet life in Keene
photographs by Susye Greenwood

Cloud Atlas
A photographic tour of our spectacular skies
WATCH: Wave-like Kelvin-Helmholtz Clouds Forming Over High Peaks
photographs by Carl Heilman II

Guardian of the Great Camps
Howard Kirschenbaum rescued Sagamore, Uncas, White Pine and other landmarks.
A conversation with the historic preservationist
by Douglas Gladstone


Short Carries
The Known World

Keeping Track?

North Country
The Other Syrup

Route 30 Revisited

A Taste of the Woods

Our Towns
Black Brook

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